我的好朋友英语作文,My Good Friend

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我的好朋友英语作文My Good Friend

我的好朋友英语作文My Good Friend
I have a good friend. She is a girl. And she is pretty. She is very good at English! And her English grades are very well!
My good friend is a student of HengFu Road Middle School in class five junior one. She is 13 years old. She is 1 years older than me. And she has two beautiful eyes. She has a cherry mouth and a little nose. She loves to smile. And her smile is very beautiful.
Do you know her hobby? Let me tell you! Her favourite sport is badminton. She enjoys doing housework and playing computer games. So her mother loves her very much. And all of her family love her, too.
I am very happy to be her friends!!


  Helping Others Is Helping Ourselves

  Everyone needs help and I've learned a lot from it.

  For example, my teacher asked me to help Mike with his mach months ago. At first I fell a little nervous, because I was not that good at math. So before helping him, I went over the textbook again and again, and did lots of exercises. To my surprise, some difficult problems that I couldn't understand before were worked out by myself. With my help. Mike made great progress in math, too. After that. I realize that helping others also does good to ourselves.



此政策在网络和微信上引发了热议(become a sensation on the Internet and We Chat)。不少网友认为"00后"(children born after 2000)太自私,即使是同意父母生二胎的孩子,在有了弟弟妹妹后脾气也会变坏。但也有不少人认为,这仅仅是教育方式的问题而已(the problem lies in education)。如青岛一所小学的一群四年级学生日前成立了"反弟弟妹妹联盟",说服父母不要生二胎。(A group of fourth-graders at an elementary school in Qingdao formed an "anti-siblings alliance" in an effort to persuade their parents not to have a second child.)该校一名老师最近发现,班里有八个孩子常聚在一起窃窃私语,讨论这件事(hold secret meetings to discuss the issue)。这些学生担心弟弟妹妹会分走自己独享的父母宠爱(steal their parents' exclusive love)。

有话题就会有相关词汇,这就要求大家在平常的学习中多多积累,这样到用了时候心中自然就有丘壑。同时也可以扩充相关词汇,如:流动人口mobile population;独生子女家庭only child family;生育时间表birth time schedule;备孕plan for pregnancy。

二胎政策实施过程中,也给社会带来了一定的影响。这一部分探讨也可以作为作文的写作素材。如全面二孩政策(universal two-child policy)出台后,中国内地主要城市三居室或四居室的大户型房子(large three or four-bedroom homes)销量攀升。北京和上海等城市的很多夫妇正在搜寻居住环境更佳的大房子(hunt for larger homes with a better environment),为家里添丁加口早做准备。据估计,新的生育政策将使未来5年内多增加1700万新生儿(extra 17m babies being born within the next five years)。

二胎政策应不应该? Is it Necessary for Two-child Policy?

China is a great country with the largest population in the world. In order to solve the population problem, our government decides to implemented one-child policy. When it is carried out for some time, many people not only see its advantages but also disadvantages. Thus, people argue that two-child policy should be put into effect. In my opinion, two-child policy should be carried out.


First of all, two-child policy is the gift for some only child. For some families, maybe the parents are only child and they also can have only child. Put aside the loneliness of their child, when their child grows up and they grow older, their child marry with an only child girl accidentally, the burden on their child and his wife is unimaginable heavy. Their child and his wife have to take care of two old couples. Usually, a young couple looking after an old couple is a little difficult; if the pressure increasing twice, how can they stand it. But if their parents have two children, they can share the burden of taking care of their parents. It would be much better.


Secondly, two-child policy can guarantee the number of Chinese population. As the widely spread of one-child policy, some people have changed their conception about giving birth. If they firmly believe one-child policy, there will be more and more the dink. After several decades, our country will famous for lack of population.


英语作文 演讲稿 American cities(美国城市)

Good morning, everyone! My name is Yoyo, today my topic is American cities.

America is a very big and modern country. There are many famous cities in America. For example, New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

New York is the biggest city in America. It is very beautiful and modern. There are many tall buildings. There are the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Time Square, Broadway, Wall street and the Central Park. Do you know the Statue of Liberty? It is very famous. The EmpireState Building is the tallest building in New York. There are many many theatres in Time Square.

Washington D.C. is the capital city. The White House and Lincoln Memorial are very famous. There are 15 large museums in this city.

Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States. Los Angeles is the second-largest city in terms of population. Those cities are very famous and important in the United States. If you have a chance to go to America, you should go to these cities. That’s all. Thank you for your listening!


  Colorful Weekdays

  Our school life is very colorful. There are many kinds of activities from 4:00 to 5:00 every afternoon. We can play baskethall,football and other sports games on Monday and Wednesday. On Tuesday some go to see English movies and some listen to the broadcast programs. On Thursday, we also have interesting groups, like drawing, singing, dancing and making things. We have an English corner on Friday. And we are interested in all the activities. What pleasant weekdays we have!



Good  moning!Nice to  me  to  here !My  name is  Wei DING yu. I"ten  year old !I"m not stady has  chheng guan I"m in class one  gurad  fore   I"m form  san  du welcome  san du  they are  fore peple in my family  my  father  mather  grandma  and I They  love me  So do I  thany you


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